Computer Scam

We would like to make you aware of a, particularly dangerous, scam that we have been alerted to by three customers within the space of a few days. Eddie was particularly worried because of a similar experience by a customer some time back which resulted in his personal data being corrupted to such an extent that the only possible way that it could be recovered was to engage the services of a professional recovery lab, a process costing almost £1,000. 

The scam involves you receiving a call on your land line from an Asian sounding man claiming to be from Global Computer Maintenance Department (they could easily change this to another name) he explained that they were connected with Microsoft. In one instance, he actually knew the Customer’s name (we are unsure as to exactly how his organisation obtains this information as this customer is ex-directory).

He then proceeds to inform you that you have downloaded some unwanted files, have some infections/error messages on your computer or sometimes just asks if your computer is running slower than it should. He offers his help to put everything right and asks to be allowed remote access to your machine. This requires you to download some software from the web. In some instances they have mentioned downloading a program called AMMYY.

Once he has access to your machine, he is actually able to corrupt your personal data, rendering it unusable and, sometimes, completely hiding it from view. In some instances, it seems that they have actually copied folders. He will then tell you that, in order to fix the problem, you will require some special software, which he can supply, usually quoting a price in US Dollars, providing you are able to pay by debit, or credit card. 

The caller informed one of our customers that he was based in Manchester, although another said he was in London. Both were prepared to give telephone numbers, although we do not know if they are genuine.

We suggest that if you are given a number do not call it as it may be a premium rate or reverse charge number thus resulting in you paying a substantial amount for the call. If you ever receive a similar such call we suggest that you inform them that you already have an IT consultant who advises and supports you in this area and that they should contact them to discuss and finish the call as soon as possible.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE THEM OUR TELEPHONE NUMBER – 020 8392 8693. We hope that you will not experience such a call but hopefully you will now be armed and ready if you do!


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