e-ticket email scam

One of our customers has recently brought this to our attention and upon a little bit of research we have some more details for you.

This scam works like this. You receive an email claiming that you have been charged for an airline ticket. The email will claim that your credit card has been charged and there may be an attachment which appears to be the e-ticket and/or receipt. The attachment does not contain an e-ticket and if you open it, malicious software may be downloaded into your computer. This malicious software is then used by scammers to steal passwords for online banking or other personal information or documents that you have stored on your computer.

If you receive an unexpected email like this do not open it or any of the attachments, just delete the email. If you are not sure, then contact the airline directly to confirm if a ticket was purchased in your name. Do not use the contact details provided in the email, rather look them up yourself and then contact the airline.

If you think you have opened an attachment, then run a virus scan to check the computer for malicious software. If you use one of the free antivirus software available then be sure to update your virus definitions if it does not do it automatically.

Emails like this are a reminder to ensure you have up-to-date virus protection software and a good firewall for your computer.

There is an example of the type of email you may receive on the American Airlines website, please click the link to view the example – http://www.aa.com/i18n/disclaimers/phishingEmailExample10.jsp


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